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We Are Okay by Nina LaCour and More Teen Books Fresh Off the Cart

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The latest Cover of We Are Okayteen books added to the collection include a title I'm already proclaiming one of my favorites of the year: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Marin is a college freshman in New York, spending her winter break alone in the dorm and nervously looking forward to a visit from her best friend Mabel from back home. The narrative alternates between Marin's winter break and her senior year in high school in San Francisco, where she was raised since she was a young girl by her grandfather after her mother drown while surfing.

Mabel's long-anticipated visit reveals the heightened awkwardness between the two friends as they dance around addressing their growing closeness of the previous summer, when they started to become more than friends.

The author gradually exposes how Marin left San Francisco, why she's spending the winter break alone, how everything changed between Mabel and herself, and the role of her grandfather and lack of her mother in her life.

Nina LaCour's poetic writing hits you deep inside and tears are inevitable -- at least I was powerless to stop from crying. I ended up staying up past 1 a.m. to finish We Are Okay, and then found my mind wide awake thinking about the story and characters. I also loved the cover and jacket artwork -- they perfectly illustrate Marin's loneliness and isolation in this book.

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