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Borrowing Information

From any page on the library website, look for "Borrow" in the header, and then click "My Account."

Enter your Card Number. It is a 14-digit number on your library card under the bar code.

The first time you log in, you'll need to enter the default password, which you can get by clicking "Hint" under the password field. You can change your password after logging in with the default.

Yes! Call 857-590-8706, and then enter your library card number followed by the pound sign. By phone you can renew items, hear a list of items checked out, hear a list of overdue items, check what you have available for pickup, and hear the amount due on your account.

It varies by format:                          


Time allowed to have checked out at a time on a card

Books   No limit
New Books No limit
Prize Books No limit
DVDs  No limit
New DVDs  Up to 5
All Blu-Rays Up to 5
Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) No limit
New Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) No limit
Video Games Up to 5
Playaway View Up to 2
Magazines No limit
Laptops 1
Library bags No limit
Freegal  Download 3 per month

It varies by format:

Format Loan Period
Books 3 weeks
New Books 2 weeks
Prize Books 1 week
DVDs 1 week
New DVDs 1 week
All Blu-Rays 1 week
Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) 3 weeks
New Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) 2 weeks
Video Games 1 week
Playaway View 1 week
Magazines  2 weeks
Laptops 2 weeks
Library bags 3 weeks

For downloadable materials, log into your account (for Overdrive, Axis 360, etc.) to review loan periods.
Items from other libraries may have different loan periods; contact us for details.

Yes, if no other patron has requested the item. To renew, look for "Borrow" in the header of any page on the library website, and then click "My Account." Click "Checkouts" and follow onscreen instructions. The number of renewals varies by format:

Format Number of Renewals
Books 2
New Books 2
Prize Books 0
DVDs 1
New DVDs 1
All Blu-Rays 1
Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) 2
New Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) 2
Video Games 1
PlayAWay View 1
Magazines 2
Laptops 1
Library bags 2

For downloadable materials, log into your account (for Overdrive, Axis 360, etc.) to review renewal policies.

It varies by format:

Format Fines (per item/day with a maximum fine of $10 per item)
Books $0.20
New Books $0.20
Prize Books $0.20
DVDs $1
New DVDs $1
All Blu-Rays $1
Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) $0.20
New Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) $0.20
Video Games $1
PlayAWay View $0.20
Magazines $0.20
Library bags $0.20
Laptops $1 per day with a maximum fine of $50
E-Books n/a (e-books are automatically returned after the check out period)


For fines totaling over $3, log into My Account to pay online. ProPay is the secure electronic online payment service for payment of fees. Payment can be made by: Visa, MasterCard, MX, Diners, JRB, American Express, or Discover. There is no additional service fee for using this method of payment at this time.

For fines under $3, or to pay any fine amount by cash or check, visit us at either location.

Register for email notices about your library account. The email address you submit will only be used for library business such as hold notification, overdue notices, etc. All information in your record is kept confidential. Please add to your email address book to assist delivery of notifications. If you don't provide an email address, you will receive overdue notifications by mail 14 days after an item is due.

We do not keep records of what you've checked out. However, you can turn on the Checkout History feature in your account to keep track of titles you check out going forward

How do I place a hold?

When searching the catalog, look for the "Place Hold" button for each item in your search results.

How many holds can I place?

There are no limits on holds.

Why can't I place a hold?

If you're unable to place a hold, your account may be restricted or an item may not be eligible for holds. Please contact us for additional assistance.

Where do I pick up my holds?

Please visit the location you selected as the pickup location for your hold. You can verify this in My Account.

Holds are filed by last name on a public holds shelf.

How long is a hold held for me?

Holds are held at your pickup location for 5 days.

Can I change the location where I pick up a hold?

Please contact us for assistance if you need to change the pickup location after placing a hold.

Can I suspend a hold?

Yes, you can suspend a hold that has a status of "pending" under the Holds section of My Account. You can also set the beginning and dates of the suspension. While your hold is suspended, you will continue to move ahead on the waiting list, but the hold will not be sent to your pickup location while it is suspended. Use this option to manage your holds when you are away or don't have time to read.

To renew books, CDs, DVDs, and other physical materials, log in to My Account and go to Checkouts.
For digital materials, log in to your Overdrive or Axis 360 account to renew following onscreen instructions.
You can also renew materials by calling or visiting us in person.

Materials may be returned to either library location or to one of our book drop locations.
Please return laptops in person during library hours.

For lost and damaged items (book, DVD, CD, etc.), you'll be required to pay the replacement cost of the item and a $5 processing fee.
If you are searching for a lost item, staff will renew items three times from the original due date to give you time to find it. Thorough searching is recommended before paying for an item; paid items will not be refunded.
We won't hold you responsible for items lost or damaged by fire, flood, or theft when documented by a police or insurance report.

Please contact us for further information.